So, our new website isn’t perfect, but it’s a long way from what we started with.  Look for changes in the coming weeks, as time allows. I guess this is a ‘stream of consciousness’ page, on the chance that anybody takes any interest in our thoughts.  One thing we’d like to make a point on, and we feel strongly about this, is the importance of quality in this world.  This plays into what we do for a living, and how we perform as a vendor to our customers.  While we strive to provide exceptional value for the work we do, we also don’t believe in cutting corners.  Who among us hasn’t noticed the complete lack of pride that people take in their jobs?  We do this, because we LOVE it.  There’s an incredibly rewarding feeling, when we help a customer take a vague idea in their minds, and fine tune it into a physical objet d’art.  We designed a set of custom modular footpegs for a customer (check our projects page), and we were really proud of how they turned out.  The disturbing thing is, you can buy something that looks similar on eBay, for about 10% of the cost.  Think about that.  The MATERIAL costs that much.  I would challenge anybody domestically to create what we create, for equal money.  So, how do they do it?  Putting aside the obvious difference in labor costs between the USA and the Pacific Rim, they’ve still got to pay for the material, machine it, finish it, ship it, and then typically pay part of the margin to a retailer or broker.  What are you really getting for your money?  What are you giving up?  Quality. If quality isn’t important to you, then we aren’t the vendor for you.  Go ahead and buy your doo-dad from Asia.  When it shows up at your door, and isn’t what you expected....well, we can’t help you after the fact.  When you can’t get your overseas vendor to understand what you really need, remember you chose cheap, rather than good.  If it sounds like we’re promoting the idea of ‘buying American’, we are.  Not just for the sake of being patriotic, but because there are countless exceptional manufacturers, who’ve been put out of business due to short sighted consumers.  We’re all about fair competition, but when you can buy a shirt at Wal-Mart for $6, who do you think is really paying for it?  The indentured laborers somewhere in Malaysia?  Your neighbor who just lost his job, because his company decided to source everything overseas? You? Me?.....Actually, all of the above.  We’re all paying the price for our need for cheap consumer goods.  Problem is, they’re more expensive than we realize.

Tuesday, April 8th 2014


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