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Eric and Kevin Fardoux
© Free Form Design, Inc., 2014
A Father & Son team, Kevin and Eric Fardoux, have partnered to bring more than 25 years of combined design and manufacturing capabilities, to a diverse market.  Intuitive design, with access to a broad range of tools, allow Free Form Design to bring your concepts to life.    While our primary focus has been custom motorcycle parts, we’ve worked on a broad range of projects such as; Automotive Firearms Furniture Marine Machine parts   Got something outside the box?  Let’s talk it over!

How did we get here?

Good question....In the beginning.....there were motorcycles, and they were good.  Racing motorcycles was even better, and brought about the need for parts to go faster.  An old manual Bridgeport was fine back in the day, but we had bigger ideas. Through years of managing a manufacturing plant, Kevin had expanded it’s machine shop from a single manual mill, to 8 vertical CNC’s, laser and contact digitizers, as well as powerful design and machining software packages.  All of these assets are at our disposal, to imagine, design and create. Of course, Eric grew up with motorcycles in his blood.  His creativity and ingenuity were evident at an early age, spanning a broad range of interests. Now he brings those abilities to the table, helping our customers make their ideas a reality. 
Who is Free Form Design?
Who? Who?